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LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton is the world's largest luxury goods company, with brands that are bywords for the good life. LVMH makes wines and spirits (Dom Pérignon, Moët & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, and Hennessy), perfumes (Christian Dior, Guerlain, and Givenchy), cosmetics (Bliss, Fresh, and BeneFit), fashion and leather goods (Donna Karan, Givenchy, Kenzo, and Louis Vuitton), and watches and jewelry (TAG Heuer, Ebel, Chaumet, and Fred). LVMH's retail division includes Sephora cosmetics stores, Le Bon Marché Paris department stores, and 61% of DFS Group (duty-free shops). Chairman Bernard Arnault and his family own 48% of LVMH.

The vivacious flowers. The spontaneity of the design. The Louis Vuitton cherry blossom style is a mischievous deviation from the usual Louis Vuitton pattern.

And how it is welcomed! How can you resist such an enticing display?

With its almost childlike innocence on a spread of classic elegance, the Louis Vuitton cherry blossom leather handbags have swept the Louis Vuitton community.

Its shock of bright pink is a delightful touch of color on the traditional Louis Vuitton insignia. Each additional flower appears on the handbag as though a playful artist has paid a visit and left an efficacious mark of good humor for the owner.

And that artist is none other than Takashi Murakami. With his unique style of animation, color and uplifting spirit, Murakami puts a charming touch on the Louis Vuitton bags. It is with wonder and pure enjoyment that Murakami adds his inimitable sign to the designer line.

No wonder the Louis Vuitton cherry blossom pattern is so popular! Especially on the smaller, more delicate lines of the Louis Vuitton collection, the cherry blossom pattern brings a lighthearted flavor previously missed from the designer line.

Although it is considered to be a more casual approach for the Louis Vuitton line, the Louis Vuitton cherry blossom handbag is ideal for many social outings.

You will most certainly be stopped and complimented on a Louis Vuitton cherry blossom handbag. Yet, herein lies the problem. Louis Vuitton cherry blossom handbags are a difficult addition to your collection.

The happiness of the line has caused it to be one of the most sought-after pieces for Louis Vuitton lovers.

Deviating from the original colors of brown and tan, the cherry blossom pattern entails matching colors of pinks and shades of green, giving an unexpected twist to the classic bag.

A growing popularity in the bag has caused many replicas to be made. Con artists have made thousands of dollars from unsuspecting Louis Vuitton fans. Of course, this illegal activity has not gone unnoticed. With a large smiling face and floating green bubbles, the cherry blossom picture is unfortunately an easy target for scam artists. But we are here to fight back! Copyright: Jennifer Dennis

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Louis XVIII was King of France. Louis Vuitton was born at the Anchay mill in the Franche-Comté province of Eastern France.


Travel became fashionable. Amid clouds of dust, people drove about France in stage and mail-coaches, which were piled high with luggage, boxes and iron-hooped trunks. Louis Vuitton came to Paris. He was penniless, and he had to walk the whole way from his native village in the Jura mountains. In the same year, the first railway line in France was opened to passengers. It was 14 miles long (23 km), and ran from Paris to Saint-Germain. It was the era of crinolines, frock coats and top hats. Louis Vuitton became an apprentice packer and trunk-maker. He was sent to the houses of elegant ladies to pack their clothes when they ventured on a long journey.


The Second Empire began. Napoleon III married Eugénie de Montijo. And when the Court left Paris, Louis Vuitton was called to the Tuileries Palace to prepare the luggage of the Empress Eugénie and her ladies in waiting.



Railway lines were spreading across England and France. Louis Vuitton opened his own shop at N°4 Rue Neuve des Capucines.


Creation of the red and beige striped canvas.


Railway and exploration fever spread worldwide. In his workshops at Asnières, which he had built in 1860 and in his new shop in the Rue Scribe, Louis Vuitton continued to develop better and better models. He became supplier by appointment to King Alfonso XII of Spain, the Sultan of Egypt, and the Grand Duke Nicolas, future Czar of all the Russias.


Louis Vuitton opened his first branch abroad, in London. You could now travel by the Orient-Express from Paris to Vienna. The journey took twenty-seven hours, at an average speed of 29 mph (48 km/h).


Creation of the Damie canvas.


The Orient-Express now started in Ostend and went through to Constantinople. At the Paris Universal Exhibition, during which the Eiffel Tower was inaugurated, Louis Vuitton was awarded the Gold Medal for his new designs.


Creation of the famous monogram canvas.



It was the "Belle Epoque" in Paris. Champagne corks popped by the thousand at Maxim's. In the Rue Scribe store, Georges Vuitton took over from his father.


The Mauretania crossed the Atlantic in five days. The Trans-Siberian Railway, 5716 miles long (9334 km), linked the Far East to the West. Five cars set out on an overland expedition from Peking to Paris. One, the Spyker, was equipped with specially-designed watertight trunks by Vuitton, to allow river crossings without unloading.